June 2014 Edition Ideacom Insights

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As part of that focus, we would like to introduce you to a solution provided by the Canada-based company Phybridge. They have created a technology that can dramatically enhance the quality and reliability of your voice communications — extending its range and improving data speed at the same time — all for a surprisingly low cost.


Traditionally, businesses have relied on analog PBX systems to handle and route their voice communications. Then, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) appeared, which uses existing LAN data networks for both voice and data communications. Although the VoIP approach saves money and brings businesses many advanced communications capabilities, it has a few drawbacks.


With voice and data sharing the same lines, calls may have weak connections or be interrupted. Adding applications that give voice a priority over data helps, but can be very complex to implement. When accomplished, it may help with calling problems, but can ultimately slow access to data and reduce productivity.


The engineers at Phybridge recognized these challenges. Using Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology, they created a solution that connects a hardware device to existing phone lines to physically separate the lines serving voice and data. By removing the voice from your data network, each is able to perform without slowdowns or interruptions.


The benefits this solution brings to your business are extensive:


  • Greater reach: Traditional phone lines can run about 300 feet before the signal must be boosted with additional equipment. Phybridge equipment provides four times the reach of traditional equipment. This saves you money when adding users as your business grows.


  • Flexibility: Phybridge offers modular units with eight, 24 or 48 ports to serve your current and future needs. It can also use either AC or DC power to give you the greatest flexibility.


  • Saves money: Separating voice from data using a traditional infrastructure would be very costly. Phybridge lets your company do this for a fraction of the cost by leveraging your investment in your current telephony wiring.


  • On-site or cloud hosted: Depending on the size and needs of your business, you can manage your Phybridge hardware right at your business site or have it hosted and managed by your telecom provider in the cloud.


  • Fast, simple installation: There’s no waiting to achieve these benefits, as installation takes one-tenth the time of other systems. A manufacturer with 22 users had their system installed and ready to go in half an hour instead of a week. The installation for a company with 1400 users was installed in a weekend instead of taking an entire year. This results in enormous cost savings.


Delays on your important calls with customers, partners or suppliers are unacceptable. Slowed data access affects your operation and your bottom line. The Phybridge solution lets your business enjoy all the features and money savings of a VoIP network while achieving the voice communication quality and reliability of traditional PBX systems.

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