Chet Lytle Jr.

Chet Lytle Jr. is President of Communications Diversified, Inc., an Ideacom® member since 1999. Mr. Lytle is a past Chairman of the Board of the Association of Commerce and Industry of New Mexico and is an active member of several New Mexico Boards and Commissions. Communications Diversified, Inc., in business for over 30 years, is the largest locally owned supplier of business communication systems in New Mexico.

Jeff Downey

Vice Chairman
Jeff Downey is the Director and General Manager of Chickasaw Telecom, Inc., one of the original founding members of Ideacom®. Mr. Downey is an industry veteran of more than 40 years and serves on multiple advisory boards. He is very involved in Children’s charities and the local community.

Alan Cox

Alan Cox is President and part owner of IDeACOM of Amarillo, Texas, with a branch office in Lubbock, TX, and a service area which stretches from southern Kansas to El Paso and from eastern New Mexico to Abilene and Wichita Falls. Since moving to Texas in 1989, Mr. Cox has been involved with the Chamber of Commerce and Business Networking International, and currently serves as Treasurer of the First Christian Church of Amarillo. Prior to the ownership of IDeACOM of Amarillo, Mr. Cox was Sales Manager of Executone of Texas, had been Market Manager for a cellular telephone company in West Virginia, and a Bank Officer in Ohio. Mr. Cox holds a BA in Accounting and a Masters of Business Administration from West Virginia University.

Tom Chevalier

Tom Chevalier is Vice President of Sales at the Brookfield Group. Since moving to Indiana in 1998 Mr. Chevalier has been involved with the Chamber of Commerce and Rotary Club International. Prior to the ownership of CTI Solutions, Chevalier held various field management positions with Executone Information Systems, including District General Manager. Mr. Chevalier has more than 30 years of Telecom experience.

Jeremy Krupp

Born and raised in the briar patch of Idaho Falls. I’m a Leo, I enjoy walks on the beach, cruising, and vacations at Disneyland. Graduated with a Bachelors degree in 1999 from Idaho State University, majored in Finance and Business Management. I started as a customer service rep, was moved into sales, and was then tasked to develop a sub agent book of business for Ideacom. Ideacom ECSI started in 1982 and I have been in the industry full time since 1999 (18 years), but worked in the business since 1991. I was at the meeting when Ideacom was organized, so I am founding member.

Most of top line is BS, but I really do enjoy every chance I get to go to Disneyland

John Thomas

John Thomas is President of IDeACOM of Central North Carolina, headquartered in Greensboro, NC. John is a 25 year veteran of the telecommunications industry and has earned recognition as one of the top telecommunications equipment sales persons in the United States. John was originally employed by XEROX Corporation, ROLM/IBM and Executone Information Systems in several sales and sales management positions. John is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame.

Jim Waldrop

Mr. Waldrop is President of Ideacom Technologies, Inc. in Knoxville, TN. Ideacom Technologies has been providing communication solutions to businesses for over 50 years. Jim is a graduate of the University of Tennessee and was one of the original founders of The Ideacom Network in 1999.

Rich Gralto

President and Chief Executive Officer
Rich Gralto resides in Gilbert, Arizona and oversees all day-to-day business affairs. He is a 20+ year veteran of the telecommunications industry. Prior to joining The Ideacom Network, Mr. Gralto was the Vice President of Sales at Vodavi Communications.

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