Many who rely on business to business sales have expressed that Facebook isn’t really for them because they use it more as a personal or family and friends only network and don’t like to mix in business with their Facebook accounts. And who can blame them… many don’t want their clients to know about their personal lives. As a result, many have asked the question: How can Facebook help my business?

While, there are several ways in which businesses can utilize Facebook, I’m going to tell you one thing that makes Facebook integration a great business tool. Facebook is good for likes.
When a user goes to your site and sees 1.5K likes or more, that tells them….
“Hey, this company is trusted… How can so many users be wrong”
It’s literally like thousands of mini testimonials all saying… “Trust this company”
When you go to a website and see something like this, you automatically see that this company is trusted by so many users and that can be the crucial tipping point when it comes to a sale. Let’s say the customer has 5 proposals and checks out each website… They narrow it down to 2 because of the professional looking site… But one has a big “1.5K” likes that can be verified and trusted, and the other site doesn’t. You can’t get a like unless someone actually clicks on the like button. It’s universally recognizable, trusted by many, and holds weight. The number of likes that your company has can make the difference between making a sale or losing a sale.


Twitter can be used in many ways as well… It can be used to generate leads, drive traffic, promote apps, deliver info, and more. Twitter is all about followers.
If you have articles or newsletters that you post on a regular basis, you can reach more people by posting your articles as Tweets rather than sending out email newsletters…. Let me explain what I mean.
Twitter is like a real time news feed of all the things your users are interested in.
Your Twitter followers will be updated in their Twitter feed when you Tweet something and they click on the link if they want to know more. What you Tweet is purely up to you. You can Tweet things like promos, newsletters, news updates, and much more.. This can be a great supplement to or even a replacement for email marketing. Especially if you can get many users to follow you on Twitter.
Imagine no more sending out newsletters that get caught in spam filters or have to be unsubscribed from because they don’t want it anymore, no more being reported for spam, and no more hassle of maintaining email newsletter lists. Twitter manages it all for you. Simply Tweet your newsletter. All your followers will get it in their Twitter feed. And if they don’t want it anymore, they simply unfollow you.
Plus Twitter makes it easy for it to be viral. For example, you post a tweet to your newsletter and someone likes it, they can simply retweet it to their followers and so on… this is easy and common on Twitter. All they need to do is click the “Re Tweet” button… A single click… THATS IT. You can’t get that kind of coverage with an email newsletter. Let’s see what would need to happen to be viral with email newsletters… You’d have to send your newsletter out, then everyone who thought… “This is great.. I’d like to share it” would have to click on the “Forward Email” button, then figure out who they want to send it to, And if they have a limit to how many recipients they want to send to… etc… This just doesn’t happen with newsletters… But it does with Twitter. All the time.
What’s more is that you can see how many users actually viewed your Tweet, how many actually clicked on it, how many times it was re-tweeted your engagement rate along with graphs and more… You can’t get that with email marketing. You don’t know how many users actually saw it, you don’t know how many users forwarded it to their friends, you don’t know if it went to their spam folder and they never even looked at it. Sure, you can use read receipts to kinda get an idea of how many people read it, but if they have read receipts turned off, you’ll never know. Twitter provides real numbers.
Plus… it can be easy to get more followers if you make it a habit to always Tweet discounts and promos… Users will follow you so they always get the latest deals.

Linked In

Then there’s linked in. This is the site that helps you with business to business connections, networking, sales leads, and referrals. Linked In is rather simple. Post your skills, connect with other businesses, and network with each other. Linked In is geared toward gaining a career and has helped many find jobs, but it also lets you post skills as well as lets others endorse the fact that you have a particular skill. This can definitely help generate leads for those who are looking to purchase or hire those with particular skills.

Introducing $ocial $en$e. A new Social Media product by IDeACOM

So, these are the 3 main networks I recommend and each has it’s purpose. In the end, it will be up to the user to decide which ones they want to integrate with and which ones they want to have accounts with, and what they want to use each one for.
1. Social Share Plugin
The social share plugin can integrate all these things into your Web $en$e website. But, it’s still up to each person to get users to like you, to get Twitter users to follow you, and to make connections on Linked In.
That’s where the Social $en$e products come in. Simply watch your likes go up, and see your Twitter followers go up…. Without you having to do anything. We do all the work that it takes to
  1. Get Likes on Facebook so that visitors can insinuate…. “Hey, a lot of people like them, there must be a reason why”
  2. Build Twitter Followers so that your newsletters, promos, articles, news get seen by more people
  3. Build your social network which…. in the end will mean more business.
  4. Drive discussions and get people talking about your business.
  5. All while looking for possible sales leads to send to the business owner / sales team.
Social $en$e isn’t an SEO product…. It’s an advertising and marketing product to help businesses reach more people than ever before.
Unlike SEO, where there are only 10 spots on the first page of search results, you are much more likely to get results with Social Media because there are billions of people on social networks all waiting to be engaged. Our success isn’t measured by what page you come up on in Google… Rather it’s measured by how many people you can reach.
And what we’ve seen is that if you reach enough users, your Google Page rank will simply start to go up… and not because of any shady SEO techniques or Keywords used… Rather because your site is now considered popular. This is most often a side effect, but not what we promise or provide.

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