Wave IP / Applications


Mobile. Desktop. Web. Included for every user.

Winner of the 2015 Frost & Sullivan award for Customer Value in Retail and a 2015 TMC Product of the Year Award, our ViewPoint Mobile app for iOS and Android can mobilize any workforce.

Contact Center

Turn your contact center into a profit center. Enterprise-level contact center functionality. Easy to install, configure and manage.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Pre-built voice applications that automate customer-facing workflows. Automatically create and send your own inbound/outbound surveys, appointment reminders and more, or build customized applications with custom call flows and data integration with the help of our professional services team.

Call Classifier

A virtual “Swiss army knife” for workflows, Call Classifier offers the means to integrate data real time to kick off, inform and drive workflows in your organization.

Live Image

Based on Acronis’ market-leading technology, Live Image offers comprehensive, on-demand image backups of your Wave IP software and data.

Campaign Tracker

Campaign Tracker provides extensive visibility into the performance of marketing campaigns for any business. Replace expensive third-party services that track radio, internet and yellow pages marketing campaigns.

Fax Manager

Long live fax. Wave IP supports IP fax communications, as well as offers an inbound fax server for high volume fax requirements.

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